Ignition Coils

The ignition coil provides the necessary high voltage and ignition energy for producing high voltage sparks at the spark plug. BorgWarner offers a broad range of ignition coils, ranging from pencil coils, plug top ignition coils, multi spark ignition coils to ignition coil rails and block ignition coils.

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Ignition Coils for Distributor-less Ignition

BorgWarner delivers variants for fully electronic ignition processes.

Plug Top Coils

Built and designed to suit modern downsized engines, light smart plug top coils feature the following characteristics:

  • Great combustion energy & high ignition voltage
  • Temperature resistant, therefore durable and reliable
  • With or without interference suppressed spark plug and electronic module depending on the vehicle type

Pencil Coils

Single spark ignition coils that require no ignition cables, featuring the below characteristics:

  • Mounted directly on the spark plug
  • Designed to be temperature resistant
  • High-value materials for optimum ratio of weight to volume
  • With or without electronics module depending on the vehicle type

Ignition Coil Rails

BorgWarner coil rails – the alternative to pencil coils or plug top coils / coil on plugs: multiple ignition coils presented in a common housing with only one compact plug connection featuring the below characteristics:

  • Simple mounting on the engine
  • As double spark or single spark technology

Block Ignition Coils

BorgWarner delivers quality Block Ignition Coils with the below characteristics:

  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Static high voltage distribution
  • Double spark coils with and without integrated electronics modules for 4, 5 and 6-cylinder vehicles

Coils for Ignition Systems with Ignition Distributors

BorgWarner applies its expertise to coils with ignition distributors. These ignition processes see the generated high voltage going from the coil to the distributor. The distributor distributes this high voltage to the corresponding spark plugs.


Distributor Ignition Coils (Single Ended Coils)


  • Temperature-resistant
  • For vehicles with transistor ignition
  • High quality materials for optimum weight-volume ratio
  • With mounted or integrated electronics module

Canister-type Ignition Coils


  • Temperature resistant
  • Rotating high voltage distribution
  • For vehicles of older generations with contact-controlled battery ignition
  • Established and proven solution

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