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Accelerating Action 2023

2023 Sustainability Report

To us, sustainability means driving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives to deliver value to all our stakeholders, for today and tomorrow.

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We expect to achieve approximately 35% of sales from eProducts in 2025 and 49% in 2027.

Environmental Scenery

Environmental Stewardship

A net-zero carbon emissions future

At the heart of our mission of enabling sustainable mobility are our products — products that improve efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions. This includes expanding into broader eMobility products, such as battery charging stations and energy storage solutions.

Our Charging Forward strategy aligns with a net-zero carbon emissions future, as it is designed to increase production of electric and other vehicle parts that enable zero- and lower-emissions transportation.

As the world advances through the energy transition, we expect big demand shifts in EV technologies. We believe we can attain significant growth through the adoption of EVs, which draw high-content potential from our technologies. Accordingly, we expect to generate approximately 35% of our revenue from eProducts by 2025 and 49% by 2027.

Our Clean Mobility Solutions

Social responsibility

Live the BorgWarner Beliefs

Our Beliefs guide us as individuals, as a team, and as a Company. We are committed to promoting and nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment, honoring integrity, striving for excellence, committing to responsibility for our communities, and building on the power of collaboration. As we implement our electrification strategy, we are supporting our employees in the evolution of their skills and building the talent pipeline we need to succeed.

We believe our strength is in our differences. We strive to nurture an environment where diversity of background, experience, and skill is welcomed and embraced. We realize an inclusive environment supports a sense of belonging, which enables our team members to be authentic and innovative.

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Social Responsibility 2023


Partner with and report to stakeholders

We strive for frequent engagement with our stakeholders and being transparent in our impacts, goals, and performance. Our sustainability commitment also extends to our suppliers, as we engage them in our environmental and social expectations and gauge their performance.

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