Turbochargers for the Agricultural Industry

BorgWarner has turbochargers for practically every application and industry. While you may be more familiar with BorgWarner turbochargers for passenger car and commercial vehicles, we also have a portfolio of turbochargers for a variety of popular agricultural applications.

Agricultural Industry - Turbocharger S300BV
Our leading turbochargers for various 4.5L, 6.8L and 9.0L engines used in agricultural equipment are:

  • S200V
  • S300BV
  • B2UV

These three options—all equipped with variable turbine geometry (VTG)—give you the option to scale up or down to your needs.

Visit our Distributor Search tile on our website. Enter your region, location and specialization to find the products you need.

Agricultural Industry - Turbocharger for tractor



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