New Turbocharger for Renault, Dacia, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan

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We are pleased to announce the availability of a new addition to our portfolio of turbocharger’s. These turbochargers, exclusively for the Independent Aftermarket, have been engineered and qualified according to BorgWarner’s requirements for performance, safety and reliability. They are assembled, balanced and calibrated in a BorgWarner plant according to our global quality standards.

Cross Reference Table for 16359880051 (interchangeable with 801374-xxxx / -5xxxS / -9xxxS):
Vehicle Manuf.VehiclesVariantsBuiltEngine CodekWOEM Part Number
DACIADokker1.5 dCi2012-K9K62655-66144116213R / 144119998R
DACIADuster1.5 dCi2010-2018K9K62766144116213R / 144119998R
DACIALodgy1.5 dCi2012-K9K62866144116213R / 144119998R
DACIALogan1.5 dCi2012-K9K62955-66144116213R / 144119998R
DACIASandero1.5 dCi2012-K9K63055-67144116213R / 144119998R
MERCEDES-BENZCitan108D/109D2012-60795155-686070900100 / 6070900180 / 6070900480
MERCEDES-BENZCitan108D/109D2012-60795155-696070900100 / 6070900180 / 6070900480
MERCEDES-BENZCitan108D/109D2012-60795155-706070900100 / 6070900180 / 6070900480
NISSANMicra1.5 dCi2016-K9K608/K9K628661441100Q2N /1441100Q3J
NISSANNote1.5 dCi2013-K9K608/K9K629661441100Q2N /1441100Q3J
RENAULTCaptur1.5 dCi2013-K9K608/K9K609/K9K628/K9K62966144116213R / 144119998R
RENAULTClio1.5 dCi2012-K9K608/K9K609/K9K626/K9K628/K9K62955-66144116213R / 144119998R
RENAULTKangoo1.5 dCi2010-K9K608/K9K62855-67144116213R / 144119998R

Please find the complete cross reference list (click here).




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