MatchBot: A Shortcut Method

If you need help finding the right turbo for your application, BorgWarner’s MatchBot can help!

MatchBot is an interactive, web-based tool that takes your input and generates the information you need to find the right turbo.

With the right info, MatchBot can really narrow in on your needs. The good news is that you don’t have to have all the inputs to get started.


Follow this shortcut:

1. Enter the five values (highlighted in yellow on the image) for the engine type:

  • Turbo configuration
  • Displacement
  • Ambient air temp
  •  Altitude
  • Fuel type

2. Go to Required Inputs #6 (highlighted in yellow on the image to the right) and enter the  engine speed (rpm) and boost pressure (psi).

3. For the first five points, simply enter 100 for the engine speed.

4. Scroll down to the map. Point #6 needs to land on the right side of the map. If point #6 isn’t on the map, then select a different compressor.


Additional Quick Tips:


MatchBot Video Series

To help you get the most out of MatchBot, check out our video tutorials online.

Part 1: Inputs and Numerical Outputs

Part 2: Compressor and Turbine Selection

Part 3: Match Sizing Comparisons

Part 4: Turbine Efficiency, Wheel Speeds and Saving your Work




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