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Important milestones on our journey to electrification

We aim to accelerate our electrification strategy, increase the revenue from electric vehicles, and achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 – for a clean, energy-efficient world. Follow our journey and read about our more than 130 years of expertise.


Commitment to Electrification by Creating Two Leading, Focused Public Companies

The recently completed spin-off is just the latest step in BorgWarner’s journey to electrification. Following the separation, BorgWarner consists of its current e-Propulsion & Drivetrain and Air Management segments. We believe this transaction positions the company to be a market leader in EV propulsion and allows us to focus resources on attractive organic and inorganic EV opportunities.

Disciplined approach to M&A activity

Since the announcement of our Charging Forward strategy in 2021, we have completed five important acquisitions that have expanded our EV portfolio and that we expect to drive future growth: AKASOL, Santroll, Rhombus, DriveTek and Hubei Surpass Sun Electric.

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Ultimate goal: an all-encompassing electric portfolio

The 2020 acquisition of Delphi Technologies adds industry leading power electronics, software, calibration capabilities, and scale to BorgWarner offerings. The enhanced portfolio enables power electronics to be directly integrated into existing electrified systems as well as standalone products.

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Award-winning technology solutions

In 2019, BorgWarner acquires propulsion inverters and controls businesses for HEVs and EVs in the specialty and commercial vehicle sectors. To stay ahead of emerging technology trends, the company partners with Plug and Play and Franklin Venture Partners in 2018.
In the same year, BorgWarner wins a contract to supply their P2 on-axis hybrid modules to two leading Chinese automakers. In addition, the development of the ground-breaking S-wind process for electric motors and alternators is honored with the 2018 PACE Award. BorgWarner also announces its innovative High Voltage Coolant Heater as part of the company’s Battery Heater families.

Innovations and Acquisitions on the Road to Electrification

Complementing its power electronics and electrified propulsion solutions, BorgWarner acquires Sevcon, Inc. in 2017. Investments are also made in Autotech Ventures to gain access to global start-ups and new technologies aimed at revolutionizing mobility.

Aiming at the rapidly growing Chinese electric vehicle market, BorgWarner launches additional applications of its electric vehicle transmission, produced locally in the region. The same year, in 2017, a key technology for hybrid and electric vehicles is developed and brought to market. It provides cabin heating and facilitates superior energy management for an enhanced battery-powered driving range.
In 2016, BorgWarner presents its first integrated electric drive module (iDM) for the electric vehicle market and launches the 48-volt eBooster® electrically driven compressor in Daimler’s 3.0-liter gasoline engine.

The electric drive module (eDM) is launched a year before. In 2015, BorgWarner also acquires rotating electric business to integrate it with their own powertrain technology.

Growing our Business

Between 2006 and 2014 the organization is growing rapidly, due to investments in new production facilities around the world, like South Korea, France, Germany, China, Hungary, Poland, India, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico and Thailand.

Our Global Footprint

Moving to Today's Headquarters

By moving its headquarters from Chicago to the metro Detroit area in 2005, BorgWarner chooses a key location in the worldwide automotive industry.

Becoming BorgWarner

In 1993, Borg-Warner Automotive Inc. spun-off from Borg-Warner Security Corporation and becomes an independent company.

Founding Partners

In 1880 the Morse Equalizing Spring Company, a forerunner of Morse Chain, is founded. The Borg-Warner Corporation is formed in 1928. Founding companies include Borg & Beck, Marvel-Schebler, Warner Gear and Mechanics Universal Joint.

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