Featured in Almost Every Second Vehicle – BorgWarner at Automechanika Frankfurt

  • Successful OE business offers aftermarket opportunities.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products to meet aftermarket demand.
  • More than 800 different and sustainable remanufactured turbochargers available.
  • 4,300 tons of cast iron and 3,700 tons of aluminum saved through remanufacturing.

Auburn Hills, Michigan, August 21, 2018 - BorgWarner’s comprehensive range of new series products can be found in almost every second vehicle on the planet, while the company’s market penetration is expected to grow further across all propulsion systems – combustion, hybrid and electric. BorgWarner takes this as a chance to further strengthen its aftermarket business. At this year’s “Automechanika” exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, from September 11 to 15, 2018, BorgWarner will present its wide range of advanced solutions in hall 3.0. With its complete range of products for the independent aftermarket (IAM), the company supports workshops and their customers in every case and during each phase of a vehicle’s lifecycle.

Amongst a broad range of new replacement parts: the company’s sustainable and resource-saving REMAN program, including remanufactured turbochargers as well as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves, will be a part of the technologies shown at the exhibition. Another highlight from our turbocharger range are high-performance solutions for tuning and racing applications – for instance Engineered for Racing (EFR) and AirWerks® turbochargers. Furthermore, the company is steadily working on broadening its already large aftermarket portfolio. Regarding the turbocharger aftermarket, up to 300 new parts are added annually – with an upward trend.

“The “Automechanika” is an ideal opportunity to showcase our extensive portfolio of aftermarket solutions, such as new replacement parts, our REMAN products and our solutions for tuning and racing applications,” says Michael Boe, Vice President and General Manager, Global Aftermarket, BorgWarner Turbo Systems. “Providing customers with high-quality and cost-efficient solutions, no matter the vehicle’s age, is what we are focusing on. We offer multiple diverse repair solutions fitted to a vehicle’s current value including new replacement parts, remanufactured technologies and repair kits. Furthermore, we constantly enlarge our aftermarket portfolio to create new business opportunities and support even more customers.” 

Comprehensive Portfolio

BorgWarner offers its aftermarket customers a broad portfolio of new replacement technologies – for instance boosting and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technologies as well as thermal management solutions, performance turbochargers and spare parts for all-wheel drive (AWD) technologies. In addition, BorgWarner provides professionally remanufactured technologies and continuously broadens its portfolio of effective solutions available to the IAM. Currently, the range of products available to the IAM totals approximately 15,000 different part numbers including more than 8,000 turbochargers, of which about 800 are remanufactured solutions usable in multiple diverse applications. Furthermore, BorgWarner’s aftermarket portfolio consists of 130 EGR valves, more than 500 thermostats and multiple additional products. Within the last 12 months, the company added about 325 products to its offering including 43 REMAN EGR valves and 101 REMAN turbochargers.

Remanufactured Solutions

The REMAN program plays a huge role in BorgWarner’s aftermarket portfolio. By recycling and refurbishing parts which are used in the company’s REMAN products, BorgWarner is capable of offering cost-efficient solutions to customers owning a vehicle in a later stage of life while contributing to sustainability efforts. Up to now BorgWarner has remanufactured over 2.5 million turbochargers. Used or damaged OE products such as turbochargers are rebuilt during a complex process which complies with high quality standards. At the beginning of this state-of-the-art remanufacturing procedure, each REMAN product is analyzed, disassembled and then cleaned to return the components to their initial state of cleanliness. Subsequently, an inspection identifies which components can be reused in order to save as much material as possible. New components then replace all small and wearing parts, for instance seals, bearings and actuators. In-house tests and validation are carried out to ensure that the remanufactured products have the same form, fit and function as BorgWarner’s new series products. With this remanufacturing concept, the company follows its goal of saving resources and significantly reducing emissions such as CO2, as well as industrial waste. The reuse of 4.7 million housings – turbine, bearing and compressor housings – has allowed 14,300 tons of cast iron and 3,700 tons of aluminum to be saved over the years. BorgWarner currently offers approximately 800 different kinds of REMAN turbochargers suitable for approximately 5000 different vehicle applications around the globe. 

Highest quality

For BorgWarner, quality is the key to the customer’s satisfaction – in new replacement parts, remanufactured solutions and repair kits, in products and in the manufacturing processes itself. For customers it is often difficult to distinguish between an original product and non-genuine products. Comparative tests show that the BorgWarner aftermarket products perform better than non-genuine products with regard to material and quality checks. 

Tuning and Racing Solutions

BorgWarner’s comprehensive range of products also features technology solutions for tuning and racing applications, such as EFR and AirWerks turbochargers. The former feature characteristics such as high performance, enhanced durability and reliability and fast boost pressure build up. Additionally, BorgWarner’s EFR turbochargers officially drive the Verizon IndyCar Series, where the company’s solution powered through more than half a million miles without any issue or failure. AirWerks turbochargers on the other hand are an ideal solution for racing fans and tuning enthusiasts who want to upgrade their conventional turbo. This technology allows a rapid response boost pressure while also providing a high pressure ratio and a highly efficient turbine stage.



BorgWarner showcases its extensive portfolio of high-quality aftermarket solutions, such as remanufactured technologies, at the Automechanika in Frankfurt, Germany, from September 11 to 15, 2018.

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