BorgWarner Increases Power Capabilities of EFR™ Series Turbochargers

  • Three soon-to-be-released super-cores will deliver up to 200 horsepower more compared with existing models
  • Larger compressor wheel inducer diameters increases air flow for increased power capabilities
  • New anodized compressor wheels shaped to maximize flow and new compressor covers to match the contour of the new wheels
  • BorgWarner will showcase the new super-cores in its booth (25125) at the 2018 SEMA Show, which takes place Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, 2018, in Las Vegas

Auburn Hills, Michigan, October 29, 2018 – BorgWarner is boosting the power potential of its durable, high-performance Engineered For Racing (EFR) Series aftermarket turbochargers with the announcement of three new super-cores – the new EFR 8474, EFR 9274 and EFR 9280 – featuring new compressor wheels with updated blade geometries and larger inducer diameters. The new blade shapes and larger inducer diameters, along with matching compressor covers, result in increased mass air flow and enable engines to achieve higher peak power. 

Along with increasing the wheel size, the compressor wheel blade shape and contour have been optimized to maximize flow while minimizing efficiency hits. BorgWarner also created a distinct compressor cover contour profile to maximize the air flow through the turbocharger. The new compressor wheels have been anodized black for visual impact and to differentiate the new models from existing EFR Series products. With the design changes to the compressor wheel and cover, the company’s latest aftermarket parts will provide up to an extra 200 horsepower (hp) than was previously possible when they are released later this year.

“When 1,000 hp isn’t enough, the new EFR super-cores offer the performance that aftermarket customers want,” said Michael Boe, Vice President and General Manager, Global Aftermarket, BorgWarner Turbo Systems. “We specifically tailored the new EFR Series products for aftermarket customers looking to get the most out of their turbochargers. With a larger compressor wheel inducer extending the air flow range through the turbocharger,  power junkies get more engine boost and the additional horsepower they crave.”

For those seeking higher power, BorgWarner’s new EFR 8474, EFR 9274 and EFR 9280 super-cores have compressor wheel inducer diameters between four and six millimeters larger than its existing EFR 8374, EFR 9174 and EFR 9180 products. The new super-cores will fit a range of vehicles with single turbocharged engines from 2 liters up to 6 liters. The enhanced parts also can be used in twin turbo configurations and are especially beneficial for V6 and V8 applications. BorgWarner will preview the super-cores in its booth (25125) at the 2018 SEMA Show, which takes place Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, 2018, in Las Vegas.

Recognized across the world for class-leading performance and reliability, EFR Series turbochargers contain an unprecedented combination of advanced technologies. These include:

  • Low-weight Gamma-TiAI (titanium aluminide) turbine wheels and shaft assemblies for quick boost response
  • Patented dual-row ceramic ball bearing cartridges for more thrust load capacity, durability and turbine efficiency at low expansion ratios
  • Investment-cast stainless-steel turbine housings for increased efficiency, improved durability and corrosion resistance

As a testament to their boosting capabilities, EFR turbochargers have boosted the race cars in the Verizon IndyCar Series since 2012 and have completed more than 1.25 million trouble-free miles. BorgWarner is the Official Turbocharger Partner of the Verizon IndyCar Series.

Pairing turbochargers with individual engines is essential to achieve optimal performance. BorgWarner provides the dimensions and compressor maps, which display the flow range, efficiency and boost pressure of its EFR Series parts to help customers select the right solution for their needs. The turbocharger dimensions and compressor maps, as well as more detailed information of the company’s extensive aftermarket product lineup and approved distributor network, can be found at



BorgWarner’s new EFR 9280 super-core

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