AWD and Cross Axle Systems

AWD Couplings

The AWD Coupling product portfolio provides a wide range of electronically-controlled,
on-demand AWD coupling, as well as driveline disconnect solutions. Both electro-hydraulic and electro-magnetic clutch actuation technologies and controls deliver outstanding vehicle traction and handling performance.

Electro-Hydraulic Coupling

  • Pre-emptive actuation and immediate response
  • Brushless actuator motor with integrated ECU

Driveline Disconnect Coupling

  • Enables driveline disconnect of ring and pinion gear set for enhanced fuel economy
  • Low clutch drag and rapid synchronization for AWD availability

Electro-Magnetic Coupling

  • Unique electro-magnetic actuation for optimum NVH
  • Compact and self-contained for ease of drive module integration

AWD Transfer Cases

The AWD Transfer Case product portfolio covers a wide range of applications from compact sedans to heavy duty trucks, and includes 1- and 2-speed on-demand and part-time all-wheel drive. The part-time systems feature best-in-class, electro-magnetic mode synchronization. Additional features include BorgWarner HY-VO® chain and compact gear drive systems for optimum efficiency and vehicle packaging, as well as aluminum and magnesium construction for mass optimization.

On-Demand Transfer Case

  • Pre-emptive actuation and immediate response
  • Available electro-magnetic, electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical clutch actuation

Part-Time Transfer Case

  • Best-in-class electronic mode synchronization or manual shift on-the-fly
  • Large center distance architectures and Class-6 capable

Front Axle Disconnect Module

  • Position stable, compact and rapid electro-mechanical actuation
  • Enables optimal driveline disconnect system performance

Cross Axle Systems

Cross-axle technologies enhance vehicle traction and handling on front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive applications, ranging from electronic limited-slip differential controls to full-function torque vectoring systems.

Electronic Limited-Slip Differential Control

  • Enhanced traction and handling with reduced brake-based system intervention
  • Modular design for ease of vehicle integration

Torque Vectoring eRDM

  • Superior full-function vehicle handling and dynamics
  • Clutchless 48V-based motor actuation with optional P3 hybrid functionality for fuel economy

HY-VO® Driveline Chains

High quality power transmission chains for front-wheel drive transmissions, 4WD/AWD transfer cases and Hybrid off-axis drive applications - P2, P3, P4. Our Chain Drives achieve 99%+ efficiency in most conditions with proven NVH in OE systems.

HY-VO® Chain Drive System

HY-VO Chain Drive System


  • Flexibility to meet large range of drive ratios
  • High tolerance for center distance variation
  • Suitable for long center distances


  • High Efficiency Performance
  • Cost and weight savings
  • Quiet operation: Best in class NVH Performance

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