Drive System Engineering Services

Specific applications for electric drive technology and power electronics

Our comprehensive systems expertise in electric drive technology and power electronics is based on our specialist knowledge of electrical machines with related inverters/DC-DC converters, including the associated software, along with the courage to change perspective. We have the expertise to combine single components into individual systems solutions. By pooling our experience, knowledge and technology, we are able to meet your requirements with precision.

Systems solutions require system know-how

We supply you with high-end customized drive systems solutions, from scratch or to optimize form factor, size, weight, or functionality. We can assist you throughout the entire process chain or during individual phases, from the idea to the product launch.





  • Specific applications for the transportation industry

    We accompany you every step of the way: from pre-development to the series production of the latest generation of electric drive systems.

    Main and auxiliary drives for electric, hybrid, or fuel-cell vehicles require a high degree of system know-how and mature technology. This is where BorgWarner comes in: we can help you throughout the entire process, from the design stage with the associated drive cycle simulations all the way through to component development and testing on our own test benches. We know how to control energy: from energy storage, via converter and drive, right down to the wheel of the vehicle.

    Electromechanical actuators represent another main pillar in this demanding market. Our technology is used in steering aids, brake and clutch actuators and throttle valve actuators.

    Sophisticated multi-level inverter technology (MLI) completes our specialties in the field of power electronics. This makes it possible to control motors and generators at very high speeds. MLI was designed for fuel-cell air compressors, electric turbochargers and highly efficient high-speed motors such as refrigeration compressors.

Energy transition

Energy Transition

  • Technology for the energy transition

    Energy is a precious resource! BorgWarner technology is applied specifically to save energy thanks to higher efficiency or to exploit renewable energy resources.

    The technological basis for this is provided by highly efficient, variable-speed permanent magnet generators, low-loss converter topologies as well as inverters for grid-tied or island-mode power generation. The variable-speed technology significantly improves the partial load efficiency of wind and hydro power.

    BorgWarner technology makes the use of energy sources economical. We develop cost-effective components thanks to synergies with solutions from automotive or industrial technologies.

    BorgWarner has an enormous wealth of experience in combined heat and power units (CHP). We consistently apply this knowledge in small gas turbines applications and fuel cell CHP plants.

01 | The full selection, single or pooled
Our Services
The full selection, single or pooled
02 | Analysis
Before the actual development work, we take the time to familiarize ourselves with your future product and your application. Based on the understanding gained, we then work alongside you to define the development goal and optimization criteria.
03 | Specification
In line with the requirements, we carry out performance simulations from which we derive the specifications for the drive system. Error analyses and parameter variations can be tested quickly and easily on the model. This process saves precious time and hence money.
04 | Development
We develop electric drives, inverters and DC/DC converters offering unparalleled performance and first-class efficiency. Testing is carried out in our fully equipped test environment.
05 | Prototyping and serial production
Prototyping and serial production
Prototype production and serial production of customer-specific drive systems take place in-house or in collaboration with a network of highly qualified suppliers.
06 | Industrialization
We assist you every step of the way, from sample to series production, and ensure that the design meets your requirements in terms of manufacturability and production costs.

Systems engineering

  • Systems solutions require system know-how

    We supply you with high-end customized drive systems solutions, from scratch or to optimize form factor, size, weight, or functionality. We take on any challenge within the laws of physics. We can assist you throughout the entire process chain or during individual phases, from the idea to the product launch.

    Your choice for system technology

    • Systems modelling and analysis expertise
    • Hardware/software co-simulation

    System behavior, different solution approaches, error analyses, and parameter variations can all be tested quickly and easily on simulation models. We focus on, but are not limited to, the simulation of electric drives and their controllers. The associated mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical system can also be modeled on request.

Electrical machines

  • Your partner for permanent magnet machines
    • High-performance electric motors and generators
    • Outstanding power density and efficiency
    • From prototyping to series production

    As an independent machine specialist, we have complete freedom and a full choice of technical options: we develop outstanding electric motors and generators without being restricted by existing tools or by material- and process-related manufacturer specifications. Our solutions therefore clearly stand out from conventional standard solutions. Each of them is perfectly adapted to the respective application and subsequent series production, regardless of whether they are high or slow speed, or have a short or long design; the application spectrum is wide open.

    We rely on an advanced toolchain for analytical and finite element analysis-based optimization. Design, prototyping, verification, and production of customer-specific machines take place in-house or in collaboration with a network of highly qualified suppliers.


  • From power to control
    • Advanced SiC or IGBT inverters for main and auxiliary drives
    • Low-voltage MOSFET inverters
    • Grid-tied or island-mode power generation inverters
    • Highly efficient and compact DC/DC converters (isolated / non-isolated)
    • DSP- and/or FPGA-based control electronics

    We know the specific challenges of our markets. You can therefore expect us to come up with solutions that are less complicated, more reliable, and/or more economical. We strive to always use the most recent circuit topologies and manufacturing processes.

    We assist our customers throughout the entire product development chain: from the idea to the finished product. During circuit development, we place great importance on standard-compliant designs, as well as testability and manufacturability. The involvement of the manufacturer at the earliest possible stage is essential. This increases efficiency and guarantees that everyone can successfully focus on the same goal. We work together with the partner of your choice or propose a manufacturer who can offer you the optimum price-performance ratio for the desired number of units.


  • Because we understand the system
    • Embedded real-time applications on DSP and FPGA devices
    • Motor control strategies for maximum efficiency
    • Software solutions for grid-tied and island-mode power generation
    • QUASAR™ proprietary motor control software for all machine types
    • Q-control, proprietary Windows®-based diagnostic and configuration tools

    The structured, method-supported approach as per our V-process model makes us a reliable development partner. Together we have a wealth of experience in the areas of motor control, real-time applications, and power converter software.

    Our talented software development team has extensive know-how in C/C++ programming for embedded systems and PC applications. Software for inverters of any kind is one of our proven key competencies. Our software platform allows us to develop complete solutions of impressively high quality in a very short time. We are familiar with the SPiCE automotive development standard. We also have experience with different communication modules for serial interfaces and Ethernet, as well as programming knowledge of VHDL. These skills allow us to integrate high-speed signal processing components into our systems.


  • Testing tailored to your needs

    Our test infrastructure is tailored to the conditions typically seen on our markets. The motor test stands and high-voltage test laboratory are designed for testing, validating, and characterizing drive systems in various configurations and for parameterizing and optimizing electrical machines.

    Interested parties have access to the impressive testing capabilities of our infrastructure and support from our qualified staff.


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