Intake and Exhaust Gas Management

Modern engines make use of their exhaust gas in a variety of ways. Most commonly, the gas is recirculated in order to reduce combustion temperatures and thus reduce emissions.

BorgWarner provides compact and highly efficient solutions reducing fuel consumption and the associated CO2 emissions, including exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) modules, valves and coolers. As a product leader, we are uniquely positioned to produce all EGR components, allowing us to design and develop fully integrated EGR systems.

EGR Systems

Recirculating exhaust gas and combining it with an air and fuel mixture reduces the combustion temperatures that produce harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

BorgWarner develops complete high- or low-pressure EGR systems tailored to its customers’ specifications that reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

EGR System for Passenger Vehicle Applications

EGR System for Commercial Diesel Applications
EGR System

EGR System


  • Fully integrated EGR solution
  • Tailored system for any application
  • Robust, highly engineered components


  • Optimizes combustion process
  • Reduces fuel consumption and emissions

EGR Modules

Leveraging its extensive know-how in manufacturing complete exhaust gas recirculation solutions, BorgWarner offers a variety of EGR modules combining valves, coolers, tubes and bypass valves for both high- and low-pressure EGR systems.

EGR Valves

Our electrically actuated EGR valves feature a high actuation force, fast response time, flexible mounting orientations, compact package size and patented anti-contamination / anti-sticking technology. With their high flow capability, excellent sealing and corrosion resistance, they operate reliably in the most severe environments, enabling medium- and heavy-duty commercial diesel engines and vehicles to comply with increasingly rigorous global emissions standards.

EGR Coolers

As a global market leader in EGR cooler technology, BorgWarner has pioneered in the development of exhaust gas heat exchangers to meet increasingly strict emissions standards.
Today, our range of applications, from 0.9 to 92 liter engines, and know-how in this field make us the partner of choice when it comes to developing the next generation of EGR coolers.

GDI EGR Module
EGR Modules

EGR Module


  • Corrugated tube cooler
  • Floating core with aluminum housing
  • Internal core components made of stainless steel for improved durability and corrosion resistance
  • Pneumatic hot side throttle EGR valve
  • Integration of pierce points and coolant manifold
  • Integration of all components (EGR valve, cooler and compensator tube) for system modularity


  • Reduces NOx emissions in diesel engines
  • Broad product range for all current makes and models

Exhaust Heat Recovery Systems

Energy recovery is a key player when it comes to increasing the efficiency of hybrid and combustion vehicles. BorgWarner’s exhaust heat recovery systems transfer the heat that would normally go out the exhaust pipe to the vehicle’s coolants and oils to reduce mechanical losses and increase passenger comfort.

Exhaust Heat Recovery and LP EGR Integrated System
EHRS Standalone

EHRS Standalone with electric actuator


  • Heat exchanger with corrugated tube technology
  • Pneumatic bypass valve


  • Improves fuel economy during engine warm-up
  • Flexible packaging and architecture
  • Increases passenger comfort

Smart Remote Actuator

Delivers high torque in small package and excellent durability with aluminum body and steel gears. Integrated electronics with dynamic position sensing provide enhanced accuracy. Enables data logging for post-event analysis and internal diagnostics. Water cooled, flexible interface for turbo and valve applications.


Smart Remote Actuator (SRA6) 1

Features / Benefits

  • Torque: >5Nm
  • Working range: 115 degrees
  • Resolution 0.28 degrees
  • Response time: <250ms (room temp, no load)
  • Voltage: 12 v / 24 v
  • Operating temperature: -40 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius
  • Vibration: 18grms

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