P2 Hybrid Architecture

In order to support the transition to cleaner and more efficient vehicles, BorgWarner offers its P2 module for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). The company’s highly flexible technology facilitates fast-to-market hybridization by enabling pure electric driving as well as hybrid functionalities such as stop/start, regenerative braking and supplemental electric propulsion. By uniting all required components in a compact package, BorgWarner’s advanced solution can easily be implemented in existing drivetrains, enabling high degrees of existing capital utilization and hybrid volume flexibility for automakers. Furthermore, both configurations of the company’s P2 module provide significant CO2 emission reductions with low added costs compared to other hybrid architectures.

P2 On-Axis Drive Module

BorgWarner’s P2 module converts a combustion-powered vehicle into a hybrid without changing the engine or transmission. That means automakers can easily expand their vehicle portfolio with less investment and more flexibility. Placed between the engine and transmission, the highly efficient P2 module combines a 48V electric traction motor, engine disconnect clutch, launch device and dual mass flywheel into a compact package nested inside the motor.

P2 Hybrid Module

P2 On-Axis Hybrid Module


  • Compatible with all transmission architectures, including manual transmissions
  • Clutch hydraulic control module available
  • Efficient oil and water-cooled traction motor
  • May also include integrated dual-mass flywheel and launch device


  • Compact design with up to three nested clutches minimizes overall length
  • High-performance, low-noise stator offers 95 % peak efficiency
  • Integrated engine disconnect clutch
  • S-winding technology improves power density




P2 Off-Axis Drive Module

The off-axis configuration places the electric motor parallel to the main axis for an even more compact axial package, minimizing changes necessary to implement with existing engines and transmissions. Torque is transferred via a highly efficient and durable chain. This design offers compatibility with manual, automatic and dual-clutch transmissions and addresses the tight packaging of modern drivetrains.

P2 Off-Axis Module

P2 Off-Axis Hybrid Module


  • Self contained wet enclosure
  • Replaces starter; can also drive AC pump


  • Less axial length increase as compared to P2 on-axis
  • HY-VO® silent chain transfers power with best-in-class efficiency and NVH

HY-VO® Driveline Chains

High quality power transmission chains for front-wheel drive transmissions, 4WD/AWD transfer cases and Hybrid off-axis drive applications - P2, P3, P4. Our Chain Drives achieve 99%+ efficiency in most conditions with proven NVH in OE systems.

HY-VO® Chain Drive System

HY-VO Chain Drive System


  • Flexibility to meet large range of drive ratios
  • High tolerance for center distance variation
  • Suitable for long center distances


  • High Efficiency Performance
  • Cost and weight savings
  • Quiet operation: Best in class NVH Performance

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