P4 Hybrid Architecture

Integrated Drive Module (iDM)
for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

  1. Fully Integrated Power Electronics
  2. Coolant Ports
  3. Electrical Machine
  4. Optional Park-Lock System
  5. Transmission
  6. Driveshaft Output
  7. High Voltage Connector
  8. Signal Connector (underside)


  • Full Integration for smallest package
    and lowest complexity
  • CAN/CAN FD, FlexRay optional
  • State of the art Power Electronics
    for lowest losses
  • Full Software Functionality with option
    for high level controls as vehicle dynamics
    and energy management
  • ASIL D Capable, AUTOSAR
  • Scalable Design

Electrical Machine

  • IPM Machine
  • Optimized for highest drive cycle efficiency
  • Fully integrated with the transmission
    and electronics
  • HVH/SW Technology for small package
    and high efficiency
  • Developed and optimized for iDM in terms
    of NVH and integration
  • Scalable design


  • 2-Stage Reduction
  • Ratio 11 –12.5:1 for iDM
  • Optimized for high drive cycle efficiency
    and lowest system NVH
  • Innovative passive lubrication system
    for lowest losses
  • Optional Park-Lock System with integrated
  • Scalable Design

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