Thermal Management

A keen market sense coupled with tightly aligned processes, manufacturing excellence and fast implementation makes BorgWarner a market and product leader. Our thermal management systems are designed to meet the needs of our global customers while also improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

Intercell eCoolers

To help improve both performance and lifespan of battery cells, our cooling systems feature excellent coolant distribution, which leads to good homogeneity, and low thermal resistance and pressure drop.

a group of metal tubes with a couple of cylinders


  • Material: aluminum
  • Wall thickness ≥ 0,3 mm
  • I-flow & U-flow versions
  • Single-sided & double-sided cooling versions

System Benefits

  • Stack-up concept: different battery pack sizes may be cooled down using the same part numbers
  • Connection between different profiles optimized to compensate large misalignments if needed
  • Excellent coolant distribution (homogeneity) and pressure drop

eCoolers for Power Electronics

Power electronics are crucial in the automotive industry, especially for EV/HEV applications, as they form a key part of the inverters and their performance is temperature-dependent. Our eCoolers are designed to dissipate the high heat generated during power conversion, preventing failures and enhancing efficiency.

a close-up of two metal objects


  • Material: copper/aluminum
  • Nickel plating option to improve corrosion resistance
  • Wavy fin technology

System Benefits

  • Excellent thermal resistance/pressure drop ratio due to optimized fin design
  • Cost effective solution
  • Custom-made

High Voltage Coolant Heaters

Batteries have a narrow optimal temperature range. BorgWarner’s specially developed high voltage coolant heaters have been developed to keep the core components of hybrid and pure electric vehicles at temperatures that facilitate maximum charging efficiency, durability and driving range. It delivers heat to the interior quickly and clears the ice from windows in short order.

HV Coolant Heater

High Voltage Coolant Heater


  • Compact modular design with high thermal power density
  • Clean room manufacturing approach – safety and reduced manufacturing cost


  • Battery Management for EV platforms
  • Fast response times (heating up/cooling down) due to low thermal mass and high efficiency
  • Reduced package size and weight compared to competitors
  • Long lifetime: Thick Film Heating Elements 15,000 hours and above
  • Voltage Range: Up to 800V

Secondary Air Systems

Secondary air systems are important for gas cold-engine starts when the majority of hydrocarbon emissions are created. The complete system (including pump, valve, bracket, relay and hoses) provides additional advantages such as low noise and vibration. Air pump flows can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. BorgWarner has a diverse list of global electric air pump (EAP) customers.


Airflow management plays a key role in cooling the engine. Our polymer cooling fans range from optimized axial flow fans and ring-fans for specific installations, to new hybrid designs to cover future cooling demands. New features include improved aerodynamics and durability in the same light-weight package. Using technology-focused design methods such as FEA, CFD and MoldFlow™, performance and reliability are optimized.
BorgWarner’s Guide Vane design provides optimized air-flow potential through its world-class efficiency improvements and unique diffuser design. This unique design requires lower torque than fans operating in a traditional shroud, translating into more power to the wheels.

Visctronic® Fan Drives

Visctronic Fan Drives utilize BorgWarner’s proven viscous technology with precise electronic control.

The fan drive is controlled by the engine’s control module for precise fan speed modulation. Visctronic fan drives provide better engine cooling and improved fuel economy with minimum parasitic loss.

Fan Drive

Fan Drive


  • For 711mm to 813mm diameter fans
  • Crankshaft pulley mounting possible
  • Hex input shaft with internal thread or flange shaft are available
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation versions available
  • Broad scope for light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications (On- and Off-Highway)
  • Controlled by the engine ECU through PWM signal
  • Closed-loop fan speed control and excellent electronics environmental robustness
  • High-speed reservoir and patented fluid distribution


  • Improved efficiency – fan operates when required and at the appropriate speed – allowing for possible fuel and horsepower savings of up to 6-10%
  • Maintenance free – self contained unit, nothing to service or maintain
  • Improved temperature control – for extended engine & component life

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