Transmission Technologies

Clutches and Dampers

BorgWarner is the worldwide leader in automatic transmission clutch components and systems, BorgWarner supplies wet friction clutch modules, friction plates, transmission bands, torsional vibration dampers, lockup clutches and one-way clutches. Our DualTronic dual clutch modules lead the global market in transmission applications and production volume.

Clutches and Dampers

Clutches and Dampers

Features & Benefits

  • Wet clutch modules for all required torque ranges
  • Variants with integrated damper including
  • DMF functionality
  • Dry Dual Mass Flywheel suitable for all transmission architectures (DCT/DHT/CVT/MT/AMT)
  • Variable spring absorber to support downsizing,  engine downspeeding and cylinder deactivation

DualTronic™ Clutch System

We developed and introduced the world’s first high volume series production dual clutch module for automotive transmissions more than ten years ago. Today we produce over 800 thousand units annually, supporting the widest range of vehicle applications in the in the segment.Tunable launch characteristics and scalable torque capacity ensure a dual clutch transmission equipped with BorgWarner’s DualTronic™ Clutch System delivers fuel economy that rivals single clutch automated gearboxes and shift quality that rivals the best conventional automatic transmissions.

One-Way Clutches (OWC)

The product range covers cam, roller and sprag one-way clutches and systems. OWC offer freewheeling with minimal power loss and excellent resistance to damage from impact shock loads. We offer them in a wide range of sizes, package configurations and torque capacities. Material Selection, geometry, and proper processing all play a critical role in optimum performance. Let the experts in One-Way Clutch design optimize your system in transmissions or engine start-stop systems.

Double Sided Friction Plates

From 90mm to 900mm in diameter, we have the right friction material for your application. We offercomplete design, analysis, development and testing capability to support almost any wet friction clutch application. Finishing techniques are available to address the specific performance requirements of each application, such as cut and molded groove patterns, multi-segment facings and waved cored plates. Focus can be placed on shift feel, durability, drag reduction, cost or optimization of all of these.  

Single Sided Friction Plates

Combining Friction Plate and Separator technology, we offer single sided friction plates and collated packs. Each steel plate in the pack serves as a reaction surface, allowing greater active friction surface area and increased torque capacity over a conventional double sided design of the same volume.

Torque Convertor Clutch - Friction Disk 

As an extension of friction plate and piston plate technology, we offer technical expertise and proven track record of designing and manufacturing torque converter clutch friction elements - from single facings to multiple plate configurations.

Torsional Vibration Dampers 

Our Torsional Vibration Dampers offer stable damper characteristics over the products lifetime, minimal temperature impact on performance, excellent vehicle response and engine agility through low inertia, simplified system tuning in combination with DCT module and space efficient packaging.

Brake Plates

Excellence in wet friction technologies has enabled us to provide brake plates with superior durability, NVH characteristics and reduced parasitic drag. We have the technology and experience to engineer cost effective solutions to your most demanding applications.

Collated Packs

As a recognized leader in both double sided and single sided friction plate solutions our collated pack assemblies offer our customers further benefits: Tighter stack height tolerance, more consistent performance, reduced assembly complexity, and simplified logistics. 


Separator plates are "where the heat goes" during a shift and are another important component of the clutch system. We design and manufacture our own high quality / performance separators for demanding applications. A variety of proprietary processes and surface finishes are available to fine tune performance for demanding applications. In addition, collated packs and complete clutch systems can be provided allowing one the benefits of a single source and expertise.

Transmission Bands

Establishing the industry standard for single and double-wrap band performance a generation ago, our superior drum conformity delivers repeatable shift quality and long life. Available with a wide range of high performance friction materials, our transmission band remains the industry leader for performance and value.

Electro-Hydraulic Controls

As a leading supplier of integrated transmission control systems, we supply complete electro-hydraulic control modules for state-of-the-art dual clutch, planetary automatic, and automated manual transmissions. 

Control Systems

Complete Electrohydraulic Control Module

Complete electrohydraulic control modules

DualTronic™ Control Module

Co-developed by BorgWarner for the world's first series production Dual Clutch Transmission, the DualTronic™ module comprises the complete hydraulic valve body, proportional, on/off and PWM solenoids, transmission control micro-processor, speed, position, temperature, and pressure sensors, plus circuit assembly with integrated connectors. Further integration of shift rail actuators is an additional option. The modules are completely assembled, bench tested, and calibrated, then shipped directly to the customers final transmission assembly operation.
Integrated Solenoid Block

Solenoid blocks

Transmission Solenoid Module

These transmission solenoid modules provide high-performance, low-cost, package-efficient electrohydraulic controls for conventional automatic, continuously variable and dual clutch transmission applications. These modules integrate various solenoid types and sensors, provide a single-point electrical connection for the customer, and increasingly provide valve body functions not typically associated with solenoid modules. In addition, these modules can provide the exceptional clutch control performance required by continuous-slip applications such as launch clutches.


Various types of solenoids, including low-leak, proportional, direct-acting, on-off and pulse-width modulated valves.



Low Leak Variable Bleed Solenoid

BorgWarner’s Variable Bleed Solenoid (VBS) is a cost effective option for signal level proportional control applications. Closed-end design enables low leakage at both high and low pressure extremes of the control pressure. This feature reduces the parasitic pump losses associated with more conventional VBS designs. Our closed end VBS is available in both normally high and normally low configurations.

On-Off and Pulse Modulated Solenoids (PWM)

BorgWarner produces these products in both normally high and normally low configurations. Typical applications include actuating a multiplexing valve which in turn directs hydraulic pressure to the proper clutch. PWM solenoids, available in High-flow and Low-flow variations, provide pressure output proportionally or inversely proportionally to input voltage pulse width. The low-flow solenoid provides signal level control, typically for torque converter control. The high-flow solenoid is used in line pressure or direct clutch control applications.

Proportional Mini Direct-Acting Variable Force Solenoid (MDA VFS)

MDA VFS offers high precision alternatives to open-end and closed-end variable bleed solenoids. BorgWarner designed this solenoid with direct replacement in mind. Performance benefits include leakage reduction, improved accuracy over temperature and pressure. The MDA VFS is not sensitive to temperature and supply pressure fluctuations, which simplifies calibration. Control pressure accuracy is much better over the full range of operating conditions. Leakage reduction also enables reduced pump size.

Variable Force / Proportional Solenoid

Variable force solenoids (VFS) control pressure proportionally or inversely proportionally to a current driven input signal from the vehicle’s propulsion computer. Typically, low-flow VFSs are used as signal level devices for transmission line pressure control or application of clutches. High-flow VFSs control line pressure directly or are used for direct shift clutch control.

High Pressure Valve

BorgWarner designs and manufactures high pressure proportional solenoid valves for common rail direct injection fuel systems.  Maximum operating pressure to 2,400 bars available.

Pressure Relief Valve

BorgWarner designs and manufactures mechanical pressure relief check valves for high pressure systems. When pre-calibrated threshold pressures are exceeded, the valve opens in order to drop the pressure. Also available with a "limp home" function: the valve maintains a constant level of pressure in the injection system enabling the vehicle to operate. 


HY-VO® Driveline Chains

High quality power transmission chains for front-wheel drive transmissions, 4WD/AWD transfer cases and Hybrid off-axis drive applications - P2, P3, P4. Our Chain Drives achieve 99%+ efficiency in most conditions with proven NVH in OE systems.


  • Flexibility to meet large range of drive ratios
  • High tolerance for center distance variation
  • Suitable for long center distances


  • High Efficiency Performance
  • Cost and weight savings
  • Quiet operation: Best in class NVH Performance

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