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As Good as New - REMAN exhaust gas recirculation valves

REMAN EGR valves are remanufactured original EGR valves. Every REMAN EGR valve is first dismantled while preserving materials to the greatest possible extent. In a complex process, the parts are then cleaned and reprocessed.

Following the remanufacturing process and thorough testing, every REMAN EGR valve meets the same strict quality standards as brand new ones for the OEM business. So they offer the same functionality and reliability that the automotive industry has come to expect of our products.

Are you looking for an economic, reliable replacement for an original EGR valve?

Our REMAN EGR valves combine the excellent quality of a new original with the great cost-effectiveness of a remanufactured OE product. All REMAN EGR valves are produced and tested in line with the stringent quality standards that form the basis for BorgWarner’s excellent reputation as an OE manufacturer for the automotive industry.

REMAN EGR valves from BorgWarner are the perfect choice for quality and cost conscious customers. They close the gap between a brand new product and a reproduction of dubious quality. Moreover, as BorgWarner, we offer first-class aftermarket support.

The process at a glance

The REMAN process is very simple: We supply aremanufactured REMAN EGR valve for your customersvehicle – you send the used EGR valve back to us.If the used valve fulfills all the criteria for beingremanufactured successfully, you will receive a creditnote for the old core.


The remanufacturing process in detail

Cleaning and blasting the EGR housing

Cleaning and blasting the EGR housing

Careful inspection of every single EGR valve

Careful inspection of every single EGR valve

Selection of the individual components prior to final assembly

Selection of the individual components prior to final assembly
3D measurement and quality control

3D measurement and quality control

Used EGR valve

Before: Used EGR valve

After: REMAN EGR valve

Seven good reasons for BorgWarner REMAN EGRs

  1. The perfect choice for quality and cost conscious customers
  2. Remanufactured replacement for most brands
  3. All products are remanufactured from OE cores
  4. All products fulfill the high BorgWarner quality standards
  5. Each unit is inspected and tested using the latest technology
  6. All REMAN EGR valves are supplied with fitting gaskets
  7. Saving the environment and natural resources

BorgWarner is leading - including industrial remanufacturing

BorgWarner is a global manufacturing leader of Fuel Injection and Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves. We offer one of the widest portfolios of product solutions for passenger cars, commercial vehicles as well as off-road vehicles. From high pressure poppet valve type to low pressure throttle type, from Gasoline EGR valves to heavy duty Diesel EGR valves: many decades of experience make us a partner of choice. We deliver REMAN EGR valves with the same quality and speed as brand new products.
a group of metal parts

Choose the automotive industry’s favorite brand

  • Global product range with many thousand part numbers
  • Wide range of applications for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery
  • Solenoid, pneumatic and electric controlled valves
  • All REMAN EGR valves are supplied with fitting gaskets
  • Fast and reliable spare parts supply
  • Worldwide distribution network
  • Service network support for diagnostics and repairs

Acceptance Criteria

The old EGR valve should be handled likea new component: Cores need to be returnedin the original packaging, all protection capsand covers should be used to protect the core.Slight damage to the outside and normal signsof wear are acceptable.If you have any doubt, please contactBorgWarner for clarity.

Please be aware that BorgWarner will notaccept any EGR valve that:

  • has been manufactured by a non-genuine OEM EGR valve manufacturer
  • has been dismantled, has broken plastic plugs or connecting Flanges


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