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    Thank you for your interest in career opportunities at BorgWarner. Please use our job search to find open vacancies and internship opportunities at all of our global locations.


    Please be aware that we can only consider applications that are submitted via our online application system and individuals that meet the position qualifications. Applications sent via the contact form will not be forwarded or considered for any openings. If you are having any issues with your online application, we will respond to your request.

    Career Scam Disclaimer

    BorgWarner makes no representations or guarantees regarding employment opportunities listed on any third-party website. To protect against career scams, job applicants should take the necessary precautions when interviewing for and accepting employment positions allegedly offered by BorgWarner. Applicants should never provide their Social Security numbers, birth dates, credit card numbers, bank account information or other private information when communicating with prospective employers or responding to employment opportunities online. Job applicants are invited to contact BorgWarner through BorgWarner’s website to verify the authenticity of any employment opportunities.

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    Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to BorgWarner. Please first read through the materials we provide on our Suppliers page.
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