You may think

There's no place for individuality

BorgWarner thinks differently

Meet people at BorgWarner

Each member of our team brings a unique perspective and talent to the work we do. To best support talent growth at BorgWarner, we offer cross-functional moves, interdisciplinary teams, global opportunities, professional certifications, leadership coaching and advancement.

Owning Success

“At BorgWarner, people really have a Can-Do-Attitude. We all strive for excellence and contribute to satisfy our customers & stakeholders needs.

You can feel that not only the managers are accountable for the success of the business, but each and every employee sees themselves accountable for the results and contributes their part. My co-workers at BorgWarner have this intrinsic motivation to be the best in class and this is the reason why I truly love working here.”


Barbara Keller, Human Resources, Germany

One BorgWarner

“From top to bottom, everyone at BorgWarner embraces inclusion. BorgWarner has focused not only on recruitment of diverse talent but retention of that talent. I’m proud to work for a world-class company that lives by its beliefs the way BorgWarner does.

Here you find the best of two worlds: The resources of a global player and at the same time, I feel like my contributions are genuinely valued.” 


Raymond (Ray) Luk, JR., Legal, USA

Constant Growth

“I enjoy the continuous learning opportunities at BorgWarner. Not being limited to set projects and provided with various opportunities of exposure to areas that I traditionally wouldn’t be exposed to. The inclusive, and transparent culture provides me full responsibility of my own success within the company.

Working here means being part of a progressive company. From the culture, to the innovative technology and the constant growth, BorgWarner is very agile and adaptable in developing its processes, strategies and employees”.

Torri Jenkins, Human Resources, USA

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