You may think

There's only one career path

BorgWarner thinks differently

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At BorgWarner, there's no single career path you have to follow. We believe every person in every role can make a difference. If you believe in the journey, you'll have the opportunity to use your talent and passion to help define the way the world moves forward, and the way you move forward.

Professional Employees


If your goal is excellence, you'll find plenty of opportunities to pursue and achieve it here. We value your experience and offer the tools and support to help you further develop your talent, ideas, and career path at BorgWarner. 

We offer cross-functional experiences, global opportunities, interdisciplinary teams, professional certifications, leadership coaching and advancement.

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Students and Graduates

Wherever you are in your career, your voice is valued in our respect-driven culture. We believe that everyone plays a part in our success. You're not just welcomed at the table, you're needed there. We offer full-time opportunities, internships, and co-ops to those pursuing both undergraduate or graduate degrees.

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Student Workers
Manufacturing and Operations Employees

Manufacturing Operations

At BorgWarner we believe the most important doors are those on the shop floor and our manufacturing teams have a focus on excellence to reach ambitious goals. As a member of our team you will work with dedicated and talented employees in an environment where your safety and growth is everyone’s priority. Have a career you're proud of, and play a vital role in making the world cleaner and more energy-efficient.

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